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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Experimenting with Underglaze

I've begun some new work...calling it my Fake Math Series...using underglazes. I haven't used underglazes much and so this work has opened a new direction for me. I have so many ideas of how I want to use these on my pots, and so I have begun with my first three...there just isnt enough time in the day.

New Work ...Ready for Glaze

...did an overnight bisque firing, of new newest series of cups and pots featuring my obsession with drawing lines, squares, circles, dots, radial patterns, stylized floral designs, graph paper, letters, words, etc....after NCECA, I will glaze these.

Started to experiment with underglazes too..

Trying to Keep Up

Since I last posted anything on my blog, I have been to Italy, made lots of cups and bowls, jars and vases...had a show opening...sent out images for 2 shows in other states...taught school 5 days a week...and now I am preparing to go to NCECA in Phillie this Wednesday...its just been much more difficult to record updates here than I expected.
Coming soon...a few photos of Tuscany...Florence...Siena...
...and..images of some recent work.

This is a photo of one of three cups I have entered into the Kansas City Tea Cup National.
I don't expect..but hope. As a newcomer to the juried show scene..I am guessing there will be lots of rejections..but that won't stop  the drive to make work.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Carved Designs on New Cups

Since returning from Italy, I have been carving cups, combining lines, dots, shapes, symbols, geometric forms, numbers, letters...and floral new compositions. These are fired to cone 05, ready to be glazed...trying different colors for these...

New Jars

I bisque-fired 2 carved,  taller jars this week...ready to glaze them. I am playing around with new forms but always return to the taller, narrower form..squaring up the base after trimming..

New Work

My latest carved cups...I am combining my carved, stylized flowers, vines, and leaves...with my obsession with carving lines, squares, circles, dots, letters, symbols, spirals, hidden messages, numbers, etc. Glazing and firing tomorrow...oxidation, cone 5/6. Can't wait to see how they turn out...trying some new colors in glazes and underglazes.