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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Carving designs into cups using underglazes...

I am addicted to clay...especially carving and drawing designs onto the surface while the clay is almost leather hard..

I get into 'the zone' when I am carving..its a visual stream of consciousness, and I become one with the clay...

But it takes a long time to  complete any work...
So I am trying a variation on old technique that satisfies my need to carve designs but takes half the time...and its outcome is working for me.

My pieces are nearly bone dry, then I paint underglaze onto the surface..and carve...
Firing with interior glazes this weekend.

This is the first one ...if it turns out..I will use it in the upcoming group show: "for the birds" Clement Gallery in Troy, NY

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  1. Hi - I just came across your blog after googling carving and underglazes....I love your work and am a hobby potter myself. I'm curious about this method. Are you saying that you let your greenware get bone dry, then cover them with a (thick?) layer of underglaze (as opposed to coloured slip?), then carve out your design and then bisque fire? After that, do you glaze fire with a clear glaze on top?
    I'd like to try this but am curious if I've got your method right or not! I love your designs, they are beautiful!