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Monday, July 26, 2010

Finished and delivered the Shot Glasses

I've been working on a set of shot glasses with a tray for weeks, and finally finished it.  I am entering the piece into a small, local, juried show called "Saratoga Inside Out" at the Saratoga Arts Center. The art is supposed to be based on the icons, landscapes, events, or ideas about Saratoga, but done in a new and creative way. In my piece, each of the 16 shot glasses represents the bars of Caroline Street...which is the center of night life in this town. Funny, because I dont do shots and I dont drink...but this town likes to advertise itself as a community deeply rooted in "health, history, and horses"..but there is another side.

Making the piece was great fun...each cup is thrown, some are altered...then the designs were incised into the surface...after bisquing, underglazes were painted in layers...and transparent  glaze was applied over everything...fired to cone 5/oxidation.

 Saratoga Big Shots