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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Making the Commitment

..I have been absent from my blog for months...but thats going to  change. I am making the commitment to stay post photos...and to bring my thoughts here.
Having been absent from posting my news and photos in a timely way has created a huge back-up of things I will add over time...
Top Updates:
1. I retired from teaching.
2. I'm making pots full-time.
3. Working with color...finally.
4. Going to find a path to marketing my work.
5. I have a gallery in Woodstock, NY, representing my work..The Bearsville Graphics Studio and Gallery..and a new gallery in Troy, NY, called  "Art!"

Love opening the kiln!! The work in this photo just came out of the kiln last night at my studio at the Beekman Street Artists' Co-op in Saratoga Springs, NY...some of it is carved, black and white, others have colored celadon glazes from Coyote...they are for a upcoming group show at Clement Gallery in Troy, NY, on the theme of birds...
The other color work deeper in the kiln is going to be part of an entry into a local show at the Arts Center in Saratoga, entitled: 'Saratoga Inside Out'. I've made a tray full of colorful, carved shot glasses. I'll post photos when its done...

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