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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Saratoga shot glasses

Onto more recent news..I am preparing a piece for a juried, local show at the Saratoga Arts Center called "Saratoga Inside Out". The artist is encouraged to examine the icons, symbols, landscape and events of Saratoga, and do something creative, different, and new with the image...
Most people focus on horses...or the landscape surrounding Saratoga..but after dark, Saratoga is all  about the bars..and Caroline Street.  Anyone who  comes out to Saratoga after dark cant help but notice how huge the crowds are and how much drinking is encouraged and used as a big part of our I decided to use Caroline Street and drinking as a focus for my piece...I made a group of shot glasses, each one representing a bar on Caroline Street...and a tray to  hold them all. As a non-drinker, its kind of a sarcastic approach to the theme...I dont encourage drinking...but I believe its a huge part of what this town is its fitting for the theme...we shall see what the juror thinks..

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